Modular Moon | Modular Synthesis School provide unique program on subject of sound synthesis within the eurorack envioroment:


- Introduction into synthesis

- General basic principles and knowledge

- History of synthesis

- Types of synthesis

- Main interaction algorithms

- Theoretical and practical learning 

- Brief (beginner) DIY experience


The School functions in cycles, three month's of time in each. Along the Program, all the workshops and venues, created by Modular Moon are integrated into Modular Synthesis School program. With it, offered activity expands beginners or experts knowledge on modular synthesis. We meet people who are legendary within the industry, revealing the beauty of their creations in its pure form. 


Modular Moon | Modular Synthesis School Amsterdam is created and organised by Anna Martinova. Functioning as organiser of the project, Anna positions herself as audio designer and live performer.


The curator of the program and it’s creator is Jacopo (Jack) Fresia, modular synthesis professional, music producer and minimal techno modular live performer. Jacopo’s origin is Italy, currently living in the Netherlands. Jacopo is an audio engineer.


Modular Moon | Modular Synthesis School Berlin, recently born with modular synthesis professionals Jessica Kert and Konstantin Gervis, known as Mother Tongues and ZV_K. Modular Moon Berlin course is run by Konstantin Gervis, electronic music producer, composer and performer based in Berlin. The course is held at Konstantin's private modular recording and mixing room that will be available to students to work on assignments during the course.