The Kommander on The Moon

Published on March 12, 2019 at 10:35 PM

The Kommander Lab on the Moon!

10 th may 2019


Jurgen Winkel - SONICrider

The Kommander Lab on the Moon is an interactive presentation and workshop based on (but not only) Koma Elektronik gear used by Jurgen Winkel aka SONICrider.

"The idea is to built patches as examples using various KOMA (from now on just KOMA instead of Koma Elektronik) gear with some technical background but mainly the musical use of them (how to use in general, how does SONICrider use it). At the end there will be a sort of unique patch (well isn't a patch always unique) which can be used to make some music, sounds or ... together" said Jurgen.

As a sort roadmap towards the end patch the route runs via a short introduction about Jurgen, SONICrider, KOMA  and "The Kommander Lab on the Moon" approach.

Jurgen: "to me KOMA is a company that makes gear that is different from most other brands, but easy to incorporate in almost any set up not only modular. They challenge musicians to walk new directions, experimenting connecting DIY, Eurorack and hardware". 


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